Know me

Elena is an architect by training and an artist by devotion. When she was a little girl she already made espadrilles for her aunt and she was clear about the importance of wearing footwear that represents who you are and what you are passionate about. After dedicating her whole life to creating exclusive designs with attention to detail and driven by her connection to the Mediterranean, she ended up creating Elenovari with the aim of transmitting her emotions and all the peaceful sensations of her inner world.
At Elenovari we design and produce espadrilles for curious people who maintain their joie de vivre while collecting the best moments. It is about transmitting the luxury of emotions, experiences and enjoying the simple things in life.




Elena designs her espadrilles following the same processes with which she started: always looking for the most artisanal and sustainable way. In addition, she uses quality materials that achieve the necessary comfort to accompany you to live all your most special moments. To give them that unique personality, she herself illustrates them by hand, resulting in that special touch that you notice as soon as you see them.

Elenovari's designs are inspired by moments of joy, the little details, the escapades, the laughter between friends, the affection of our loved ones, the sounds of days of enjoyment...



All our espadrilles are 100% hand-illustrated by our designer, which makes each model unique in the world. That's what makes Elenovari espadrilles special pieces in your wardrobe, the ones you wear and that take you back to happy moments.