If you have entered this section, it is because you are a designer or an amateur programmer who studies websites compulsively or because besides liking shoes you are a curious person. If you are in the second group, I (midwife and creative director of Elenovari) will try to answer the FAQ that could satisfy your curiosity, in the best way I can: drawing.


My father used to call me Elenova , when I was a child, because it sounded Russian. Russia, cradle of the great mathematicians he admires. R and I are the initials of my parents, that completes the company name.

How and when?

Every summer I would make espadrilles for my great aunt Remedios. In many of my designs I incorporated lace, buttons, ribbons and beads of all kinds, which she kept in multiple boxes, in a room of her house, which we all called "the quarter for the trunks". That's where the name of the first blog came from (Aunt Remedios' Trunk) It’s where I decided to show my creations to people outside my family.


Me, Elena, architect by profession, artist by devotion and warrior by obligation. And better yet… photographer, artisan, seamstress, modeler, graphic designers, web, messengers? ...


In the South of Spain, thirty minutes from the beach or the mountains, in a land of bars, students, good musicians and an architectural WONDER.


For defending quality in footwear and design. By betting on the sustainable, the artisan, the exclusive.